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Address: 44 School Street

Location: New Germany

County: Lunenburg

Province: Nova Scotia

Grade Range: 7-12


Sweet & Sour

Meatballs/Rice &

Egg Roll

Milk or Juice

Hot Turkey Burger/Mashed Potato, Sauce and Carrots

Milk or Juice

Hamburger & Noodle


Milk or Juice

Glazed Ham/Scallop



Lasagna with Meat-Sauce/Cheesy Garlic Bread


Sweet & Sour Meatball Sub/Rice

Double Cheeseburger

And Potato Wedges

BBQ Chicken Breast on a Bun/Rice

Turkey Caesar Wrap/Rice

3 Chicken Strips with Sauce/Potato Wedges

Grilled chicken Caesar Salad Plate Biscuit

Milk or Juice

Open Faced Hot Turkey Sandwich, Mashed Potato, Sauce, Peas, Milk or Juice

Spaghetti Meat-Sauce, Cheesey Garlic Bread Milk or Juice

Shepherds Pie with Caesar Salad

Milk or Juice

BBQ Chicken Leg

Mashed Potato

Sauce and Carrots

Milk or Juice

Pepperoni Panzaroti/

Rice or Caesar Salad

Chicken Nuggets

with Sauce and Potato Wedges

Sloppy Joe with Potato Wedges

Turkey/Bacon/Ranch Wrap with Rice

BBQ Philly Steak Sub with Rice or Caesar Salad

Healthy Meal with Milk



Healthy Meal with Juice


Burger – Ham or Sausage patties, Cheese, Egg on English Muffin


Special of the Day


Bagel with Butter




Bagel with Jam




Toasted English Muffin


Chicken Burger


Western Sandwich




Grilled Egg Sandwich




With Cheese


Slice of Pizza


2 Slice of Toast with Butter & Jam


Potato Wedges


Made Fresh Daily

Bowl of Rice


Fruit Muffins


Mashed Potato


Small Low Fat Cookies


With Sauce


Large Low Fat Cookies


Chicken Fried Rice


Rice Crispy Square



Homemade Apple Crisp


BLT (Special Days)


Strawberry Shortcake


Sliced Turkey


Special Days

Turkey Salad


Cheese Cake Parfaits


Egg Salad


Pudding Parfaits




Other Items

Ham & Cheese


Baked Chips


Grilled Cheese


Fresh Fruit


Grilled Ham & Cheese


Pickled Eggs


Tuna Melts


Dill Pickles




250 ml Milk 2% or Skim


8” Sub


250 ml Chocolate Milk


Small Caesar Salad


500 ml Chocolate Milk


Large Caesar Salad


100% Juice


Colors: Blue and Gold